Why Exhibit?

  • It is the only international platform where wholesale and retail trade will continue 365 days after the fair.
  • Your digital one-stop-show-and-shop: continuous 365, come and go as you please, stay connected as long as you wish
  • At no cost, 365 days seamless trade and business matching for buyers and factories/vendors @  B2B MATCHING SERVICE
  • Meet, talk, see, engage, negotiate with your attendees and new and existing customers around the world.
  • Showcase products showrooms, factories, link dealers, conduct customized live physical customized demos.
  • Prepare, send/receive instant purchase order and proforma invoice.
  • Make Wholesale/ Retail trade, add to basket, pay and done or continue shopping at our Smart Store 24/7/365 everyday
  • Save and reduce the carbon footprint, Truly, Deeply Green
  • No cost to set up or dismantle a booth, no need for hostess or catering.
  • No need for flying, accommodations, transportation or logistics.
  • Participation is easy in the GOTOWINDOW from anywhere with the internet, regardless of whether you are at home or in your workplace.
  • Artificial intelligence supported, advanced, nascent technology, integrated modular end2end and all in one trade show and trading platform.
  • Share 360 wide-angle and other promotional videos, products, brochures, photos and catalogs with the visitors
  • Open 24/7 Wherever your visitors are in the world, they’re just a click away.
  • Live demo feature, you can show your products, showrooms, factories live online
  • Live customer service and technical support 24/7/365 in local languages
  • Navigation is easy, user friendly, seamless across the Auditorium, B2B lounges, Workshops, and Exhibition Halls
  • Trade Show and Smart Store for all sizes of organizations from a small mom and pops, midsize to large omni channel multi nationals
  • Through live events and constant presence, feel, see, and talk with thousands of new and existing customers, and offer opportune/convenient access

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