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We welcome you to GOTO WINDOW Trade show & 365 Day Smart Digital Trade Platform!

Imagine: a trade show that is live 24/7/365, and accessible from anywhere in the world.

The recent pandemic triggered a new innovative and irrevocable paradigm shift. Digital technologies had paved the way for nascent business trends like remote work, online shopping, digital ordering with curbside pick-up or delivery, cross-border e-commerce, and last mile delivery. Over the past year, online digital commerce utilization has now skyrocketed out of necessity, and these innovative technologies have now become widely accepted phenomena worldwide, across cultures and generations, and even in remote communities. Words like virtual, digital, online, internet, Zoom, WhatsApp, (add your own) have become second nature, and are now part of daily life, indelibly imprinted on memories.

The doors are wide open with GOTO WINDOW for a new era for global commerce.

GOTO WINDOW is a live, interactive, dynamic, and modular platform where Attendees and Exhibitors connect. Through live events and constant presence, feel, see, and talk with thousands of new and existing customers, and offer opportune/convenient access to shop, pay and acquire. Navigation is easy, user friendly, and seamless across the Auditorium, B2B lounges, Workshops, and Exhibition Halls. Wholesale/B2B- Retail/B2C e-commerce and trade are effortless and comprehensive. This is your digital one-stop-show-and-shop: continuous 365 day, come and go as you please, stay connected as long as you wish, and interactive-live from any smart online device from anywhere in the world.

With 3(three) simple clicks smart trade is now available at GOTO WINDOW Digital Platform

Simple. Fast. Final.

  • Meet, talk, see, engage, negotiate with your attendees and new and existing customers around the world.
  • Showcase products showrooms, factories, link dealers, conduct customized live physical customized demos.
  • Prepare, send/receive instant purchase order and proforma invoice. Make Wholesale/ Retail trade, add to basket, pay and done or continue shopping at our smart store 24/7/365 everyday.

It really is a simple as 1 – 2 – 3!

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