Imagine: a trade show that is live 24/7/365, and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Welcome to GOTO WINDOW!

GOTO WINDOW is your 24/7/365 all-in-one digital platform to meet and greet customers, conduct e-commerce, manage all aspects of customer discovery and growth, and operate your dealer network, and you never need to leave your office, or the platform. GOTO WINDOW is a live, interactive, dynamic, and modular platform where Attendees and Exhibitors connect. Through live events and constant presence, feel, see and talk with thousands of new and existing customers, and offer opportune/convenient access to shop, pay and acquire. Navigation is easy, user friendly, and seamless across the Auditorium, B2B lounges, Workshops, and Exhibition Halls. Wholesale-B2B and Retail-B2C ecommerce and trade are effortless and comprehensive.

With Three Simple Clicks;

Smart Trade is now available at GOTO WINDOW Digital Trading Platform.

How Do We Do It?
It really is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3!

First Click Meet, talk, see, engage, negotiate with your attendees and new and existing customers around the world.
Second Click Showcase products, showrooms, factories; link dealers; conduct real-time customized physical demos.
Third Click Prepare, send/receive instant purchase order and proforma invoice for wholesale or retail trade, add to basket and complete purchase… or continue shopping at our smart store 24/7/365 every day.

Simple. Fast. Final.

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