GOTO WINDOW, is live 24/7/365 and accessible from anywhere in the world bringing together window, profile, window accessories, shutter, facade systems, profile processing machines, door and related sub-industry sectors. GOTO WINDOW is the premier wholesale trade show which will be held digitally on www.gotowindow.com between 24-27 May 2021. The smart store is a digital commercial trading activity platform that will remain open 365 days from the beginning of May 28, 2021.

Where Will GOTO WINDOW Commercial Event Take Place?

GOTO WINDOW premier wholesale trade show will be held digitally on www.gotowindow.com between May 24-27, 2021. The smart store is a digital commercial trading activity platform on www.gotowindow.com that will remain open 365 days from the beginning of May 28, 2021.

What are the Advantages of Exhibiting @ GOTO WINDOW?
  • It is the only international platform where wholesale and retail trade will continue 365 days after the fair.
  • Your digital one-stop-show-and-shop: continuous 365, come and go as you please, stay connected as long as you wish
  • At no cost, 365 days seamless trade and business matching for buyers and factories/vendors @  B2B MATCHING SERVICE
  • Meet, talk, see, engage, negotiate with your attendees and new and existing customers around the world.
  • Showcase products showrooms, factories, link dealers, conduct customized live physical customized demos.
  • Prepare, send/receive instant purchase order and proforma invoice.
  • Make Wholesale/ Retail trade, add to basket, pay and done or continue shopping at our Smart Store 24/7/365 everyday
  • Save and reduce the carbon footprint, Truly, Deeply Green
  • No cost to set up or dismantle a booth, no need for hostess or catering.
  • No need for flying, accommodations, transportation or logistics.
  • Participation is easy in the GOTOWINDOW from anywhere with the internet, regardless of whether you are at home or in your workplace.
  • Artificial intelligence supported, advanced, nascent technology, integrated modular end2end and all in one trade show and trading platform.
  • Share 360 wide-angle and other promotional videos, products, brochures, photos and catalogs with the visitors
  • Open 24/7 Wherever your visitors are in the world, they’re just a click away.
  • Live demo feature, you can show your products, showrooms, factories live online
  • Live customer service and technical support 24/7/365 in local languages
  • Navigation is easy, user friendly, seamless across the Auditorium, B2B lounges, Workshops, and Exhibition Halls
  • Trade Show and Smart Store for all sizes of organizations from a small mom and pops, midsize to large omni channel multi nationals
  • Through live events and constant presence, feel, see, and talk with thousands of new and existing customers, and offer opportune/convenient access
How Can I Exhibit in GOTO WINDOW?
Register now to connect with buyers and vendors live and get back to business.
What Are The GOTO WINDOW Products And Product Categories?
  • Window Profile and Profile Processing
  • Window
  • Window Accessories and Mechanisms
  • Profile Processing and Profile Production Machines
  • Shutters, Blinds, Winter Garden and Complementary Products
  • Facade Systems
  • Insulation
  • Aluminum Processing Technologies, Machinery, Products, Accessories and Raw Materials Industry
  • Window and Machinery Supply Industry
  • Door Products
  • Door Accessories
  • Door Technologies
Can Exhibitors Edit Booth Contents?

Before, during and after the fair, you can add and remove the Booth module contents as you wish.

Do I Need a Professional Software/ Infrastructure to become a GOTO WINDOW Exhibitor?
No. It is sufficient for the participants to be able to access and surf the internet with an up-to-date internet browser.
Will Participants Be Trained On How To Use The Platform?
Yes. We provide an online training and live support service to the participants pre and during the event.
Is It Possible To Access To GOTO WINDOW After The Trade Show Ends?

Except for participants who register to the smart store digital commercial event platform for 365 days, they will be able to access to the trade show platform for 10 days after the GOTO WINDOW formally ends.

Can I Have Activities in Different Languages?

There are no language restrictions for GOTO WINDOW digital events. You can organize events in the preferred languages. Exhibitors can participate in any event in the language they want with the platform provided simultaneous foreign language translation service.

How Many People Can Attend GOTO WINDOW Concurrently At The Same Time?

GOTO WINDOW has no limitations, Unlimited number of people can attend.

Is GOTO WINDOW Suitable for Mobile Platforms, Is An Application Needed To Download?

GOTO WINDOW digital platform works smoothly on all mobile devices and tablets. No need to download any app for mobile access.


Exhibitors track Attendee data  from  the Exhibitor data  management panel,  Attendee related reports obtained from the GOTO WINDOW allows viewing in reports
Attendee Statistics (Attendee demographic information, profile, total number of visitors, related industries they work in, interests, roles and job positions and much more…)
Attendee visit frequencies ?
Time spent by Attendees in auditorium, workshop, trade show booths, lobby and B2B network areas
Visited locations and booths?
Attendee list exchanging business cards daily and throughout the event
What content were they interested in?
List of the most popular brochures, catalogs, videos and photos
Who did they chatted with?
Contact list of vendors and vendors
Webinar and meeting attendance list
E-commerce activities and reports
And more customized reports available…

Can an event, seminar, conference be held while the GOTO WINDOW show taking place live?
Yes. Exhibitors are allowed can conduct unlimited webinars at different times and simultaneously concurrently every day during the show and there after, 24/7/365 days @ 365 Day Smart Store
How Do I Share GOTO WINDOW and My Booth Information with others ?

Exhibitors can share their booth access information by sending links, e-invitations in emails, by posting and sharing across the social media platforms, and via the GOTO WINDOW platform.

Do You Offer Marketing Support to Attract More Attendees to My Booth?

For all our participating exhibitors in both GOTO WINDOW and 365 Day Smart Store Trade Platform, GOTO WINDOW and Exhibitor Booth information will be constantly advertised and promoted across social media accounts, all related digital and physical platforms and all media and trade magazines, associations, all related other channels around the world.

Stil have questions?

Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.

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